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Project Review: Mason Pine Hotel, Bandung

In 2019, Mason Pine Hotel completed its extended new hotel building to emphasize its wing as a
spacious leisure resort with a homey ambience. It is surrounded by the beauty of Parahyangan’s
area, Mason Pine Hotel is known for its luxurious yet nature-inspired hotel. In the lobby, guests
are greeted by wood herringbone patterned floor and leather armchair. This combination is well
planned to create a cozy feeling towards entering the hotel. While the idea of a seating area put
in circle surrounding a round pillar completed with a greeneries on top creates a fresh look to the
waiting area.

Metaphor Interior as the interior designer of the project came with an open kitchen with a built-in
marble countertop concept located in the entrance of Santai – All Day Dining. The dining area offers
a relaxing atmosphere with a modern touch of art deco.

The glass ceiling brought a natural lighting that gives a bright hue to the whole area. It highlighted
the warm color of the wood and grey color leather upholstery that spread across the room. Some
part of the area also uses rattan as a combination to the leather covered cushion. It brings one nice
ambience to complete the overall dining experience.

The leather used in this project:

Nuvrino Elana NE-03

Nuvrino Elana NE-04

Designer: Metaphor Interior